Tone of  Voice

Strengthen key relationships by flexing your tone of voice

For: Can be customised to managers, technical experts or administrators

Level: Foundation to intermediate

Time: ½ day (face-to-face or virtual courses)

The tone of voice in an email, letter or report can make or break your relationship with a client, colleague or key stakeholder.

So, it’s critical that your people have the tools they need to get it right.

On your Tone of Voice course, your team will have the space to think about tone in writing. They’ll see how they can build constructive relationships by flexing their tone for different audiences.

They’ll learn about your organisation’s own tone of voice. And they’ll practise applying it to typical communication scenarios.

Your course will be tailored to your organisation’s needs. It will focus on your most important issues and use exercises based on your own communications.

Your team will be able to:

  • Use tone of voice to strengthen relationships with clients and colleagues
  • Adjust their tone of voice to different people and different topics
  • Write about sensitive issues without tipping over into emotional language

Content for Tone of Voice

Choosing the best tone for their communication

  • Exploring different tones and their impact
  • Understanding your organisation’s own tone of voice
  • Using appropriate language, including avoiding ‘watch-out’ words and phrases

We will work together closely to develop the tone of voice guidance for your organisation.

Building constructive relationships through writing

You can select the topics that address the common challenges your team faces, such as:

  • Recognising and managing unreasonable behaviour
  • Acknowledging others’ perspective
  • Being positive
  • Explaining options thoroughly
  • Handling contentious issues gracefully
  • Generating enthusiasm for the things they value
  • Quoting government policies and the law effectively
  • Other challenges which you specify

Applying your tone of voice to typical scenarios

You can select the scenarios that repeatedly arise for your team, such as:

  • Responding to emotional communications
  • Responding to a long list of complaints
  • Saying ‘no’ clearly and constructively
  • Delivering bad or mixed news
  • Saying ‘sorry’ when they’ve made a mistake
  • Other scenarios which you specify

Learning options for Tone of Voice

  • Training only
  • Combine with reviews of your people’s writing
  • Combine with coaching for individual team members
  • Combine with a consulting project to develop common standards, processes and tools for all your communications

Your training programme will include implementation resources and support to help your team make fast progress with their writing skills.

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“Margaret is very knowledgeable and her training techniques are great. She didn’t put anyone on the spot and was clear and informative. She listened to what we had to say and answered everyone’s questions fully.”

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My training is based on my 20 years’ experience as a business writer and communications professional.

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