Business communications coaching

The fastest way to become a better writer or presenter

You can make the most of your own or your team member’s talents and technical skills with business communications coaching.

In your coaching sessions, I’ll share the techniques, tools and tricks-of-the-trade that the best communicators use. I’ll help you or your team member to develop your strengths and tackle the problems that are holding you back.

You can choose the type of coaching that will best help you achieve your goals:

Develop your own skills with business communications coaching

For individuals, coaching can help you develop the strong writing or presenting skills that your employer and clients require.

You’ll be able to communicate or create with greater impact. You’ll no longer have to rely on the academic techniques you learnt at school or university. Instead, you’ll have robust professional skills which will last your whole career.

Develop your team member’s skills with business communications coaching

For leaders and managers, coaching can amplify the value that your team member brings to your organisation.

I’ll show them how to share their ideas effectively and manage their work better. Then, they’ll be able to produce stronger communications more efficiently. Critically, they’ll be less reliant on others to review and fix their work for them.

Achieve long-term results with bespoke implementation resources

At the end of the coaching sessions, you or your team member will receive the following implementation resources:

  • Bespoke Handbook with your checklist, notes and all the slides
  • Implementation Guide for You with tips for practising what you’ve learned while you do your day-to-day work and projects
  • Implementation Guide for Your Manager with tips to help them support and coach you as you develop your new skills

Then, you or your team member will have the knowledge, skills and resources needed to produce impactful communications that work for your audiences.

Coaching Sessions

Coaching for individuals

Coaching can help:

  • Employees who need to develop their skills or overcome a problem
  • Self-funded professionals who want to strengthen their skills for career development
  • Self-employed people and entrepreneurs who want to improve their business’s performance

Coaching for groups of individuals

Some clients ask me to coach each person in a team to raise the team’s overall performance.

For presenters, I typically work with groups who are delivering their presentations together at a conference or a client meeting.

For writers, I can coach individuals after a training programme if requested. This helps them quickly embed their learning in their work.

Coaching formats

We will use:

  • Zoom or Teams sessions for writing and virtual presentations
  • Face-to-face sessions for in-person presentations (if practical)


If you would like to share confidential documents with me, we can put a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in place.

Your coaching sessions will include implementation resources and support to help you or your team member make fast progress.


I had been delivering speeches for over two decades but had not received any formal guidance or development.

Margaret was excellent in coaching me in a structured approach — both from a content perspective and also on delivery and engagement. She is excellent at interpreting and disseminating technical detail and converting it to on-message delivery for specific audiences.

My style, confidence and, in turn, positive feedback have increased thanks to her guidance and advice.

Will Bentley
Will Bentley, Programme Controls Director, High Speed Two (HS2) Ltd

Margaret is the type of communications expert that you want to have by your side when you need a supportive and knowledgeable partner. Her style is gentle and warm. But she is also professional, focused and highly competent, like that member of your team whom you trust with your toughest assignments.

If you want somebody to coach you so you can improve your writing skills and produce better communications, I could not recommend Margaret highly enough.

Mariano Tufro
Mariano Tufro, Founder & Director, Leadership Minds

After being given a marketing and copywriting role at BKL, I was keen to build on my existing writing experience. I knew Margaret from her own work with BKL and was confident she would help me to develop my persuasive writing skills.

‘Friendly and professional’ may seem like a stock phrase but it sums up the coaching that Margaret gave me. Across a series of one-to-one sessions, I learnt about shaping the message for the target audience, writing headlines and highlighting benefits.

I now use these techniques in marketing communications for BKL, such as web pages, newsletters and press releases. I’m grateful to Margaret for her comprehensive guidance, which has impressed my colleagues too.

David Goldstein, Marketing & Business Development Executive, BKL

My coaching draws heavily on my 20 years’ experience as a business writer and communications professional.

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