Implementation resources and support

Develop skills through your day-to-day work and projects

When you buy a training programme, you want to see a significant difference in your people’s work. So, your training needs to be much more than just a nice day out of the office.

That’s what the implementation part of my programmes will help you achieve.

I know your people won’t have time for extra practice sessions. No one does. So, they’ll need to develop their writing or presenting skills as they do their day-to-day work and projects.

You’ll receive implementation resources and support before, during and after your programme. Together, we’ll be able to turn your team’s learning into doing.

Big results from small changes

My clients report that their teams are able to make fast progress with their writing or presenting using the techniques from their programmes and my implementation tactics.

They’ve told me that their people have implemented their learning by:

  • Baking skills development into their day-to-day work
  • Turning their projects into development opportunities
  • Incorporating the coaching techniques into their reviews of team members’ work
  • Including a few minutes on writing or presenting skills in their team meetings
  • Promoting peer-to-peer support and social learning

Resources and support for you

We’ll build implementation into your programme from the development phase onwards. This way, you’ll maximise the return on your investment.

Before your programme, you will get:

  • Implementation Guide for Managers which has tips for supporting and coaching your team members while they develop their new skills
  • A planning meeting with me when we will review the draft content together so you can be sure that the programme will meet your team’s needs

Immediately after the programme, you will receive:

  • The participants’ Handbook so you know what they’ve learned

Six weeks after your programme, you will have:

  • A review meeting with me to discuss your participants’ successes and concerns so I can support you during the implementation phase

Resources and support for your people

Your team will be supported every step of the way so they can get the most out of their training.

Before their programme, they’ll complete:

  • A two-minute survey about their goals and challenges so they start thinking about what changes they want to make

During the programme, they will:

  • Begin their programme by re-connecting with their goals
  • Practise their new writing or presenting techniques using your organisations’ communications during the exercises
  • End their programme with action planning focusing on what they are going to do differently

After their programme, they will receive:

  • A Handbook about the programme with a one-page checklist, notes and all the slides
  • Implementation Guide for Participants with tips for practising what they’ve learned on the programme through their work

Resources and support for your team leaders

If your participants have multiple managers, we can include implementation support specifically for them.

As standard, they will receive:

  • The participants’ Handbook with the one-page checklist, notes and slides
  • Implementation Guide for Managers with tips for supporting and coaching their team members while they develop their new skills

As an optional extra, you can also have special training for your team leaders:

  • Reviewing skills, including how to use feedback to coach people
  • Adapted programme specifically for team leaders which provides an overview of the team members’ programme and strengthens their reviewing and coaching skills

With these resources and support, managers are able to help their team rapidly improve their business writing or presentations.

Training programmes


You can ask me to train:

  • People: senior managers, technical specialists and operational staff
  • Size: 2-100s of participants
Training formats

You can have your training in:

  • Your office or a meeting venue for face-to-face programmes
  • Zoom or Teams for virtual programmes
Training options

Your training programme could be:

  • Training only
  • Combined with coaching – 1-2-1 sessions with individuals so they have personalised support
  • Combined with consulting – new standards, processes or tools to support your team

If you would like to share confidential documents with me, we can put a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in place.

My training draws heavily on my 20 years’ experience as a business writer and communications professional.

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