Presenting from a Stage

Deliver a professional presentation with style and impact

For: Professionals who present at networking events, seminars and conferences

Level: Beginner to intermediate

Time: 1 day or two half-days (face-to-face courses only)

Few things make someone’s throat go dry like the news that they have to give a presentation at an event or conference. But it shouldn’t be like this.

After all, presentations are simply a way to share your thoughts and ideas with a group of people.

Presenting from a Stage is specifically designed for professionals who need to give presentations to their clients, senior managers and colleagues.

It directly addresses the anxieties of many speakers: What should I say? How can I make sure I don’t bore or baffle my audience? How can I control my nerves?  And what on earth should I do with my hands?

This is a highly interactive course. Your team will give short presentations so they can practise the techniques as they learn them.

Your team will be able to:

  • Deliver impactful presentations that work for them and their audience
  • Manage their nerves before and during their presentation
  • Save time on their preparations by using tried-and-tested techniques

Content for Presenting from a Stage

Preparing their content

  • Clarifying their objective so they start with the end in mind
  • Thinking about their audience and their needs
  • Developing a powerful idea that delivers their message
  • Structuring their content using tried-and-tested templates
  • Telling stories that support their argument

Preparing their materials

  • Writing notes that will prompt their memories
  • Creating slides that enhance their message, but don’t compete with their delivery
  • Adding images, videos and props to make their presentations more intriguing

Preparing themselves

  • Warming up their voice
  • Transforming nerves into excitement
  • Handling things that go wrong, like technology failures
  • Developing their own speaking styles
  • Using humour appropriately and professionally

Engaging with their audience

  • Getting on stage with confidence
  • Using eye contact and gestures to hold their audience’s attention
  • Leaving the stage with grace
  • Addressing a challenging audience
  • Handling Q & As with poise

Learning options for Presenting from a Stage

  • Training only
  • Combine with reviews of your people’s presentations
  • Combining with coaching for individual team members
  • Combine with a consulting project to develop common standards, processes and tools for all your presentations

Your training programme will include implementation resources and support to help your team make fast progress with their presenting skills.

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My training is based on my 20 years’ experience as a business writer and communications professional.

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I’m based in London and work with clients
across the UK and internationally.

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