Presenting Virtually

Deliver engaging presentations in virtual meetings

For: Professionals who present over Zoom, Teams and other video platforms

Level: Beginner to intermediate

Time: 2 hours for Virtual Delivery only (virtual courses only)
1 day or two half-days for the whole course (virtual courses only)

Presenting over Zoom and Teams might be ubiquitous now, but it’s not always well done.

Effective virtual presenters stand out at online meetings and events. They have a powerful presence which commands attention. They know how to actively engage their audience using interactive features. And they deliver their message with clarity and conviction.

On Presenting Virtually, your team can develop the skills they need to be compelling virtual presenters.

They’ll practise adapting their delivery style so it works online. They’ll learn how to prepare content, slides and interactions that engage their audience. They’ll discover how to handle discussions and Q & As with grace.

This is a highly practical course. Your team will give short presentations so they can practise the techniques as they learn them.

Your team will be able to:

  • Deliver compelling presentations over video platforms
  • Host virtual meetings that involve everyone appropriately
  • Develop engaging content and prepare for Q & A sessions efficiently

Content for Presenting Virtually

Option 1: Virtual delivery only (2 hours)

Setting up their virtual stage

  • Getting the most out of their camera, lighting and microphone
  • Creating a professional background (real or virtual)
  • Making the most of the interactive features on Zoom, Teams and other online resources

Maximising their virtual presence

  • Making eye contact using the camera
  • Managing their posture and body language
  • Enhancing their delivery with facial expressiveness and gestures
  • Projecting their voice

Hosting a virtual presentation

  • Welcoming everyone warmly
  • Bridging to business gracefully
  • Involving everyone appropriately

Option 2: Virtual delivery + presentation skills (1 day)

Virtual delivery

  • As described above in the two-hour course

Preparing their content

  • Clarifying their objective so they start with the end in mind
  • Thinking about their audience and their needs
  • Developing a powerful idea that delivers their message
  • Structuring their content using tried-and-tested templates
  • Telling stories that support their argument

Preparing their materials

  • Writing notes that will help them remember
  • Creating slides that enhance their message, but don’t compete with their delivery
  • Adding graphics, videos and interactive media to make their presentations more intriguing

Preparing themselves

  • Warming up their voice
  • Transforming nerves into excitement
  • Handling things that go wrong, like technology failures
  • Developing their own speaking styles
  • Using humour appropriately and professionally
  • Handling Q & As with poise, even when they get tough questions

Learning options for Presenting Virtually

  • Training only
  • Combine with reviews of your people’s presentations
  • Combine with coaching for individual team members
  • Combine with a consulting project to develop common standards, processes and tools for all your presentations

Your training programme will include implementation resources and support to help your team make fast progress with their presenting skills.

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“Good mix of theory and practice.”

“It was good to get detailed tips and advice, with good examples.”

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My training is based on my 20 years’ experience as a business writer and communications professional.

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