Copywriting coaching

Attract your audience and deliver your message with impact

For: People who write marketing, public relations, business development, sales and internal communications

“You cannot bore people into buying your product. You can only interest them in buying it.” – David Ogilvy, the Father of Advertising

This is your challenge. It’s true when you’re selling your products or pitching your services. It’s true when you are sharing your point of view or recommending a new approach.

You have to engage your audience before you can persuade them. You need to win their attention and get them to start reading. Then, you need to move them from reading to doing with a strong call-to-action.

That’s tough in today’s noisy, busy world.

Become a better copywriter with coaching

With one-to-one coaching sessions, you can learn how to write compelling copy that will appeal to the people you want to reach.

You’ll learn how to generate creative ideas using simple techniques and accessible tools so you don’t drain yourself dry.

You’ll develop a toolkit of tried-and-tested approaches, structures and writing styles so you can reliably produce engaging copy by your deadlines.

And you’ll discover how stories can help your audience connect to your key messages.

After your coaching sessions, you’ll be a strong, flexible and persuasive copywriter.

Margaret’s copywriting credentials

Your coaching sessions will draw upon my 20 years’ experience as a communications professional and copywriter:

  • Freelance copywriter who has written marketing communications for large organisations and SMEs, including websites, newsletters, advertisements, blog articles, sales letters, brochures, leaflets, factsheets, pitches, reports and books
  • Trainer who has delivered highly rated training programmes about copywriting, creativity and storytelling to marketing, PR and communications professionals for 10 years
  • Previously, Marketing Director and Marketing Manager for Executive Education at London Business School

Coaching sessions

Your materials and activities

Your coaching sessions will include:

  • Analysis of your writing – feedback on your strengths and areas for development
  • Bespoke content – personalised recommendations and tailored materials focused on your specific challenges and goals
  • Action planning – so you can make fast progress by turning your learning into doing

Your implementation resources

I will help you to use the techniques from your coaching sessions in your work with:

  • Bespoke Handbook – your checklist, notes and slides all in one document
  • Implementation Guide for You – tips to help you develop your writing skills through your day-to-day communications and projects
  • Implementation Guide for Your Manager – tips to help them support and coach you as you develop your new skills

Coaching formats

We will use Zoom or Teams for your coaching sessions.


If you would like to share confidential documents with me, we can put a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in place.

Coaching sessions tailored to you and your communications

Your coaching can cover any of the following copywriting, creativity or storytelling skills:

Business writing

Developing your communication effectively

  • Clarifying your purpose so you know exactly what you need to achieve
  • Analysing the needs of your target audience
  • Developing a message that will appeal to your audience
  • Creating a powerful idea that will deliver your message
Margaret Webster, business writing training

Fitting the structure to the medium

  • Considering the requirements of your chosen medium
  • Developing a toolkit of multiple tried-and-tested template structures
  • Choosing the best structure to deliver your message

Shaping your work compellingly

  • Flagging down your target audience with an eye-catching headline
  • Getting your audience to start reading with a powerful hook
  • Developing a strong call-to-action that moves your audience from reading to doing
Margaret Webster, business writing training

Writing engagingly

  • Adapting your writing style so it fits your message and audience
  • Choosing vivid language that paints a picture in the minds of your target audience
  • Incorporating rhetorical devices which increase the persuasiveness of your message
  • Proofreading effectively to correct distracting mistakes
Margaret Webster, business writing training

Generating ideas using creative techniques

  • Developing a creative ritual for focus
  • Using random stimuli to prompt new approaches
  • Combining the familiar with the novel to produce something new
  • Producing multiple options to get away from A/B thinking
  • Designing experiments so you can take safe risks
  • Looking for opportunities in disguise
  • Carving out time to be creative by single-tasking

Telling stories that get results

  • Finding good stories from your own experience and the wider world
  • Shaping your story from a captivating beginning to a satisfying end
  • Using vivid details to bring your story to life
  • Incorporating data in your stories
  • Bridging from your story to your message so your audience gets the key take-aways
  • Using over-arching narratives in pitches, reports and other communications
  • Flexing your stories for different media, such as case studies

Your coaching sessions will include implementation resources and support to help you or your team member make fast progress.


Everyone needs a Margaret in their team! Margaret is an excellent teacher and coach, who can easily comprehend any difficult task and provide simple processes to produce exceptional copy.

Margaret’s approach was supportive and flexible to make sure I had the right tools to apply in practice. I’m very grateful for her time and encouragement. 

Clare Butler, Senior Marketing Manager APAC, HSBC (self-funded)

Before working with Margaret, I had challenges around understanding how to make my outbound new business emails more persuasive. I wanted to learn how to make my emails stand out from the barrage of daily ‘spam’ my audience receives. I also lacked confidence in my writing style.

Using real working examples, Margaret was able to provide me with a set of simple tips and techniques that I could use in my daily writing. Over the course of three sessions, I was able to see how my skills were improving across a range of different writing scenarios.

Margaret was very patient, taking the time to understand what my challenges were. After each session, she would provide me with workable feedback notes which I still refer to almost daily.

Eddie Frame, Senior Business Development Manager, Sense Marketing

I did copywriting coaching with Margaret with the aim of improving our initial outreach emails to potential targets for investment. Margaret’s techniques helped narrow down important details to highlight. The training focused on elements that builds trust, evidence our understanding of the targets’ businesses and ensure the recipient understands our desired outcome.

The results are noticeable as we are getting a lot more responses for an initial conversation. I would highly recommend this coaching to anyone looking to make their messaging more impactful.

Anton Holm, Senior Associate, Waterland Private Equity

My coaching draws heavily on my own experience as a copywriter, copywriting trainer and communications professional.

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