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Raise the standard of all your communications

Teams can produce better communications if they share clearly defined standards and processes, and use the same tools.

However, too often, these standards, processes and tools are not in place.

Then, each team member has to guess what’s best for the organisation and its audiences. Writers don’t know what reviewers want, and reviewers can’t give consistent feedback.

So, everything takes a long time, and the same issues keep coming up again and again.

Solve problems once and for all with a consulting project

We’ll create resources that help your people produce better work more quickly and easily through your consulting project.

Then, they’ll know what does and doesn’t work for your key audiences. They’ll understand how they should work with each other. And they’ll be able to communicate with greater impact in their day-to-day work and important projects.

Improve quality while you save time and money

Your consulting project can help you to:

  • Improve the quality of your communications with clearer standards
  • Save time and money by helping your team do their work more quickly
  • Resolve recurring problems that drain your people’s energy and good will
  • Empower your people to produce better work as individuals
  • Enable teams to work together more productively and happily

Achieve long-term results with a proper roll-out

At the end of your consulting project, we’ll share the new resources with your team and show them how to use them.

You can ask me to deliver this part of the project for you through training workshops. Alternatively, you can manage the delivery yourself.

Then, your team will know what you want them to do and how they should do it. And they’ll have the tools they need to get their work done efficiently.

So, they’ll be able to produce communications that work for your organisation and resonate with your audiences.

Consulting projects

Your consulting project can focus on your communication standards, processes or tools.

Common standards

Defining what your people should create:

  • Organisational voice
  • Terminology guide
  • Readability principles for designers and writers

Common processes

Describing how they can best work together:

  • Processes for writers and reviewers
  • Processes for writers and designers
  • Sign-off guardrails
  • Workshops for reviewers

Common tools

Supporting them while they work:

  • Style guide
  • Templates
  • Project tracking sheets

Consulting options

Your consulting project could be:

  • Consulting only
  • Combined with training – courses that develop your team’s skills and launch your new standards, processes and tools
  • Combined with coaching – 121 sessions with individuals so they can get personalised support


If you would like to share confidential documents with me, we can put a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in place.


Moonshot first approached Margaret because, after a period of rapid growth, we wanted to ensure consistency of writing style and accuracy across our team. We also knew we needed someone who would be open to tailoring their training to our needs and existing style guide.

Margaret immediately took a deep interest in the seriousness of our subject matter and understood the importance of consistency and clarity in everything we produce. She began by focusing on the elements that lay behind our written work: the standards, processes and common terms we employ. Specifically, she pulled them apart, identified the elements which were likely making writing harder for the team, and rebuilt them.

Next, Margaret helped us obtain internal buy-in for the new set of standards, processes and common terms – all of which she wrote up in a new version of our Style Guide.

The final step was to train the team. Having incorporated our new style into her training modules, Margaret trained 40 team members over the course of four two-day sessions. The team learned how to plan their writing and structure their reports; make them more skim-readable, vivid and concise; prioritize their audiences’ needs; identify critical nuggets of information; and proofread. Margaret also launched our new report writing process, which is now firmly in place.

We were delighted with the results. The courses were engaging and fun, and received excellent feedback from across the team. We highly recommend Margaret as an expert writer and trainer.

Vidhya Ramalingam, Founder & CEO, Moonshot
Vidhya Ramalingam, Founder & CEO, Moonshot

Our objective was to improve the quality of our investment papers through training and coaching our team.

Margaret initially delivered a consulting project, advising us on the most effective writing techniques. The output was a company-specific Style Guide. New team members are trained with reference to the Style Guide and offered one-on-one coaching sessions to review their work and suggest areas of focus.

Overall, the standard of writing across the team has significantly improved and the review process is more efficient. Senior team members are now focussing more on the content of our papers, as opposed to the formatting and wording.

I would highly recommend Margaret’s services to any organisation where long-form prose is a key skill for their profession.

Dominic Graham, Investment Director, Waterland Private Equity
Dominic Graham, Investment Director, Waterland Private Equity

We worked with Margaret to focus on the consistency of our approach to written communication across the business. I found her to be extremely knowledgeable and very professional. She understood our business and our objectives for our Tone of Voice and Plain English courses in detail.

In the accompanying consulting project, Margaret provided us with some excellent tools to support our teams which were a Writing Guide, a Technical Terms Glossary and a Reviewers’ Guide. These documents were an integral part of the training given to our teams and continue to be used within our business today.

Catherine Orezzi, HR Director, Rendall & Rittner
Catherine Orezzi, HR Director, Rendall & Rittner

My consulting draws heavily on my 20 years’ experience as a business writer and communications professional.

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