Bespoke programmes

Make fast progress with a course designed for you

For: Senior managers, technical specialists or junior professionals

Level: Beginner to advanced

Time: 60 minutes to 2 days (face-to-face or virtual)

Your team may need to develop specific writing, presenting or creativity skills. Or they may be facing a tough new challenge and need support.

If so, a bespoke training course designed to meet their specific requirements could be the answer.

On your bespoke course, your team will learn the skills that will make the biggest difference in their work. They’ll practise their new skills using exercises based on your own communications. And they’ll be able to talk confidentially about the issues they want to resolve.

The course will give them space to think and time to experiment with different ways of working.

As a result, they’ll be stronger and more confident writers, presenters or creatives.

Your team will be able to:

  • Build the professional knowledge and skills they need
  • Develop a shared understanding and approach for their work
  • Make progress on their real work by tackling the issues that are holding them back

Content for your bespoke course

You can tell me about the challenges that your team is facing:

  • A demanding project that requires new ways of thinking
  • An unusual combination of skills that they need in their work
  • A tight deadline that means they need a condensed course

Learning options for bespoke courses

  • Training only
  • Combine with reviews of your people’s writing or presentations
  • Combine with coaching for individual team members
  • Combine with a consulting project to develop common standards, processes and tools for all your communications

Your training programme will include implementation resources and support to help your team make fast progress with writing or presenting skills.

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“I liked that the course was specifically tailored to our organisation. Margaret had done a lot of research to understand our work.”

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My training is based on my 20 years’ experience as a business writer and communications professional.

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I’m based in London and work with clients
across the UK and internationally.

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If you’d like to have a chat about a bespoke course for your team, please send me a message.