Presentation skills coaching

Deliver impactful presentations that engage and persuade

For: People who present to clients, potential clients, senior management and conference audiences

Every great presenter learnt how to win their audiences’ attention and deliver their messages persuasively. No one is born knowing these things.

With presentation skills coaching, you can learn the techniques, tools and tricks-of-the-trade that great presenters use.

You’ll find out how to turn your nerves into excitement to energise your presentation.

You’ll discover how to present with presence using your eyes, face, posture, gestures and voice.

You’ll learn how to develop and deliver a persuasive message that moves your audience from listening to doing.

You may even find that you stop dreading presentations and start enjoying them.

Coaching sessions tailored for you and your presentations

You can use your coaching sessions to prepare for one big event, such as a speech at a conference. Or you can use it to increase the impact of all your presentations.

You can focus on:

  • Presenting from a stage – if you present at events, networking sessions, seminars or conferences
  • Presenting in meetings – if you present to clients or senior management around meeting tables
  • Presenting virtually – if you present on Zoom, Teams or other video platforms
  • Speechwriting – if you are crafting an important speech or presentation

Then, you will have the knowledge, skills and resources you need to deliver impactful presentations that work for your organisation and its audiences.

Coaching for groups of speakers

If you are presenting with other people at an event or conference, you can ask me to work with all the speakers.

Then, I can help all of you to shape your messages and delivery so your presentations fit together seamlessly.

Margaret’s credentials as a presenter and speechwriter

Your coaching sessions will draw upon my own experience as a presenter and speechwriter, including:

  • Presenter at live and virtual events to small, medium and large groups who is consistently rated over 4.5/5
  • Speechwriter for CEOs and directors at national conferences and key employee events
  • Trainer and coach who has taught presentation skills at marketing agencies, financial organisations, legal firms, social enterprises, media companies, retailers and Harvard

Coaching sessions

Your materials and activities

Your coaching sessions will include:

  • Analysis of your presentations – feedback on your strengths and areas for development
  • Bespoke content – personalised recommendations and tailored materials focused on your specific challenges and goals
  • Action planning – so you can make fast progress by turning your learning into doing

Your implementation resources

I will help you to use the techniques from your coaching sessions in your work with:

  • Bespoke Handbook – your checklist, notes and slides all in one document
  • Implementation Guide for You – tips to help you develop your presentation skills, including through your day-to-day conversations and meetings
  • Implementation Guide for Your Manager – tips to help them support and coach you as you develop your new skills
Coaching formats

We can use:

  • Zoom or Teams sessions for virtual presentations
  • Face-to-face sessions for in-person presentations (if practical)


If you would like to share confidential information with me, we can put a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in place.

Coaching sessions tailored to you and your presentations

Your coaching can cover any of the following presentation skills:

Your coaching sessions will include implementation resources and support to help you or your team member make fast progress.


When my company asked me to look for a coach to help me host our annual conference, I set to it. I did some research and came across Margaret’s profile. We had a call and I warmed to her calm nature straightaway. She really understood what I was looking for in terms of my style and personality.

The face-to-face coaching was great as it allowed me to get into character. I learned lots of new techniques and tips so I could be the best version of myself. I felt confident and raring to go after my session with Margaret. She also checked in with me several times and wanted to know how I got on after my event which was lovely.

Margaret has great ideas and we decided together what was best for me and, more importantly, what I was happy to deliver. I would highly recommend Margaret as her positive approach really brought the best out of me.

Melanie Choudhary, Engagement Manager, Dreams

Margaret was brilliant to work with – insightful and focused on ensuring you were prepared for presenting and interviews. A true professional.

James Findlay, Chief Information Officer, High Speed Two (HS2) Ltd

It was a joy to work with Margaret on the Coty Professional Beauty National Conference. She worked across all functions writing and editing scripts for six directors and five key managers.

Margaret’s knowledge and experience made a huge difference to our workload and the quality of our scripts on this important day. She demonstrated patience and an excellent understanding of our key messages. She worked well with the more seasoned presenters and the less experienced ones.

The conference was a great success. Margaret was a key member of the team and one of the best scriptwriters I have worked with.

Sheila Jackson, Education & Events Associate Director UK & Ireland, Wella/Proctor & Gamble

My coaching draws heavily on my experience as a presenter, speechwriter and communications professional.

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