Target Audience Workshop

Create communications that resonate with your target audience


1 day

Communications professionals have a lot to think about when they’re writing – the topic they’re writing about, the brand guidelines and the requirements of different media.


So, it’s no wonder that the needs, tastes and behaviour of different customers, employees and stakeholders sometimes just gets a cursory glance.


This course gives participants the opportunity to think deeply about your audiences. What are they like? What role does your organisation play in their lives or businesses?  What do they want from you?  How do they feel when they read your communications? And what is the best way for you to communicate with them?

Participants will be able to:


  • create communications that work better for specific audience groups
  • develop practical tools which they can use to plan and develop communications efficiently
  • build a shared understanding of your audiences across the team so they can brief, draft and review creative work consistently

Understanding your audience

  • Developing profiles which pull together all the data about your audiences
  • Developing portraits that are empathetic pictures of the people in your audiences
  • Looking at your organisation from the point of view of your audiences
  • Reviewing their communications as if they were a member of the target audiences

Shaping their message for your audience

  • Refining the purpose of your communications
  • Analysing the specific needs of your audience for this communication
  • Considering what they want the audience to feel, think and do when they have read the communication
  • Honing their tone of voice so it’s authentic and consistent
  • Developing their message so it works for your organisation and your audience
  • Considering how they can test their messages

Adapting their writing style for your audience

  • Considering what style of writing will suit your audience and fit your organisation
  • Analysing which styles are appropriate for different types of communications
  • Adapting their style by making simple changes in word choice, sentence structure and formality

Participants will develop tools that they can use in their work – specifically, the audience profile, audience portrait and tone of voice guide. They’ll also be able to practise their writing and receive feedback on their drafts.

Tailored version

This course can be adapted to the specific needs of your team so they can focus on their real projects and challenges. A reasonable design fee will be added to the cost of the course if you choose this option.

Find out more

If you’d like to have a chat about Target Audience Workshop for your team, please send me a message.