Speechwriting Masterclass

Write speeches that audiences want to hear


1 day

Some speeches captivate and motivate their audiences. Others are dry, dreary endurance tests. Often, the difference is in the preparation as much as the delivery. 


This practical course looks at how speakers and speechwriters can prepare presentations that intrigue and interest audiences. 


They’ll learn techniques for organising their ideas, information and examples into a coherent argument. They’ll find out how to prepare notes and slides that support, rather than compete, with their delivery.  


And they’ll discover simple ways to turn their nervousness into excitement so they can speak with conviction.

Participants will be able to:


  • deliver their message in a clear, compelling speech which intrigues and persuades their audience
  • develop their speech efficiently using tried-and-tested tools
  • prepare for Q & A sessions and panel discussions so they can respond effectively to whatever they are asked

Understanding the importance of preparation

  • Aiming towards developing confidence in their material so they don’t have to rely on memorisation or reading aloud
  • Exploring the difference between writing speeches for themselves and other people
  • Getting a proper brief from the event organiser

Working out what to say

  • Thinking about different types of speeches
  • Defining their objective for their speech
  • Considering their audience’s needs and interests
  • Planning a compelling message

Writing their speech

  • Structuring their speech efficiently using templates
  • Making an emotional connection with their audience
  • Explaining things clearly using logic, examples and analogies
  • Telling stories to support their argument
  • Crafting a hot start and a fabulous last note
  • Developing a compelling call-to-action

Preparing their material

  • Producing notes that help them deliver a polished natural performance
  • Preparing effectively for Q & A sessions and panel discussions
  • Designing slides that enhance their presentation and don’t compete with them

Delivering their speech – a few tips

  • Practising their beginning and end
  • Turning nervousness into excitement
  • Reviewing their performance so they can continue to develop their skills

Tailored version

This course can be adapted to the specific needs of your team so they can focus on their real projects and challenges. A reasonable design fee will be added to the cost of the course if you choose this option.

Find out more

If you’d like to have a chat about Speechwriting Masterclass for your team, please send me a message.