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Get the copywriting support you need for your large, complex projects

Large complex communication projects come with particular writing challenges.


You have a lot to contend with: complicated ideas, masses of information, different audiences with different needs and multiple stakeholders who need to be satisfied. It can be difficult and time-consuming.


As a copywriter who specialises in large complex projects, I have the skills and experience you need. I can help you get your ideas across and deliver the high-stakes communications that really matter to you.

Margaret Webster, senior freelance copywriter

Copywriting that’s aligned with your strategy and processes

I help my clients define the approach to their communications project, as well as writing the copy for them.


For you, this means that your communication project will run more smoothly and efficiently.


I’ll begin by clarifying your objectives so I know exactly what you want to achieve. Then, I’ll think carefully about your target audiences and their needs.


I’ll carefully design the reader experience so that the tone of voice and the appearance of the text appeal to your audience. And I’ll make sure that the document is clear and engaging whether they are skim-reading or reading every word.


I can vary my writing style so that it’s suitable for audiences with different levels of technical knowledge and education. And I’ll craft strong calls-to-action which move them from reading to doing.


Throughout the project, I’ll help you plan and manage the whole process – including collaborating with your creative team – so your project is delivered on time and on budget.

How can you tell if I’m right for your project?


You need a copywriter who can:


  • handle a large complex project
  • communicate technical information in a way that’s clear and engaging to non-technical people
  • write one document (or set of documents) which work for multiple audiences
  • work with senior stakeholders so their goals, content and feedback are incorporated into the project
  • collaborate effectively with other creatives, such as designers, web developers and event organisers 

My track record of delivery

  • Change programme handbook– created a flexible, interactive format so that one document worked for thousands of employees with hundreds of different jobs
  • Speeches for national conferences– used intriguing concepts to write speeches for the CEO and directors which were highly-rated by conference audiences
  • Compliance procedure and workbook– wrote the standard operating procedure and created a workbook which managers across the world use to deliver compliant social media campaigns in a heavily-regulated industry
  • Website for patients, doctors and industry – wrote one website that worked well for three audiences with greatly different needs
  • Global report with detailed research findings – edited the report so that the key messages shone through and the detailed data was easy to understand
  • Report recommending a major policy change– engaged readers with stories and examples, and persuaded them using facts and figures so each audience had the evidence they needed
  • Delivery strategy for a major infrastructure programme– re-structured and re-wrote the drafts produced by technical experts so that senior civil servants at the Treasury and DfT, employees and other stakeholders could understand the strategy easily and use it to make decisions efficiently
Margaret Webster, senior freelance copywriter
I worked with Margaret on a large, complex and challenging project writing a standard operating procedure in a new and sensitive area of the business. The project required engagement with multiple stakeholders and handling large volumes of content.


Before Margaret joined the team, there was a real concern that we would not be able to meet our objectives, but she helped us to find the way to successfully accomplish what we had set out to do.


I would recommend working with Margaret to anyone who is looking for a talented copywriter who is not afraid of heavy lifting. Not only is Margaret highly professional in delivering her work, she is also a kind and lovely person to work with.
Guy Shauli
Guy Shauli, Global Social Media Director, AstraZeneca
Margaret effortlessly created concise and engaging content that led to a very successful internal communications piece for a leading rail operator.


She developed literature about the company’s ethos, mission and working practices (the first of its kind in the company) which was rolled out to over 10,000 employees.  The task required a real understanding of the company’s diverse audiences which was encompassed in her work from the outset.
Luke Power
Luke Power, Project Manager, Crown Business Communications
Margaret is quick to get to the heart of what motivates customers and is able to use that understanding to produce communication materials that work for the customer and commercially.
Georg Braun
Georg Braun, Head of Sales and Marketing IR Solutions, London Stock Exchange

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