Copywriting Fundamentals

Develop your copywriting and collaborating skills


1 day

Great copywriters can write persuasively, engagingly and clearly. Of course, they can. But there’s more to copywriting than just writing.  


Great copywriters can also work constructively with senior managers and other creatives to get the job done efficiently. 


On this course, participants will learn from a senior copywriter who can show them the tricks-of-the trade for every stage of their projects from initial brief to final proofread copy.  


They’ll learn how to analyse the organisation’s objectives and audience’s needs so their copy hits the mark. And they’ll think about their collaborators’ processes so their projects can run more smoothly. 

Participants will be able to:


  • produce clear vivid copy that works for your target audience and your organisation 
  • write more copy in less time with less stress 
  • collaborate effectively with colleagues and external agencies on creative projects

Communication planning skills

  • Clarifying the objective for their communication 
  • Considering the needs and tastes of their audience 
  • Developing their message 
  • Choosing an appropriate tone of voice 
  • Fitting their communication with larger campaigns and brands  
  • Generating creative ideas and concepts 
  • Considering the requirements of different media

Writing skills

  • Crafting headlines that flag down their target audience 
  • Hooking their audience with compelling openings 
  • Using persuasive words, power words and plain English effectively 
  • Developing calls-to-action that move people from ‘intending’ to ‘doing’ 
  • Editing and proofreading their drafts efficiently

Self-managing and collaborating skills 

  • Carving out the time and energy to write 
  • Taking and giving creative briefs 
  • Working effectively with other creatives, especially designers 
  • Working effectively with reviewers, especially senior managers 
  • Using simple planning techniques to manage their projects

Participants will have the opportunity to practise their writing skills and receive feedback on their drafts during the course. 

Tailored version

This course can be adapted to the specific needs of your team so they can focus on their real projects and challenges. A reasonable design fee will be added to the cost of the course if you choose this option.

Find out more

If you’d like to have a chat about Copywriting Fundamentals for your team, please send me a message.