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Give your people the tools they need to transform their business writing

Too often, people get stuck in their writing.


They use the same rigid approach for every audience. They rely on stock phrases. They fall into habits which turn writing into slow hard work. And they always get feedback from the same people.


So, at most, they only ever make incremental improvements.


With 20 years’ experience as a copywriter, I can show your people how to transform their writing with best practice techniques and tricks-of-the-trade. I run training courses for senior managers, professional specialists, operational staff, marketing executives and copywriters.

Margaret Webster, business writing training
We wanted to help our teams improve their writing skills in order to produce polished, professional business writing. Margaret’s course focused on the essential skills for writing clearly and effectively whatever the format. It was an excellent and well-received course which created a buzz in the office.


Margaret was seen by the participants as someone who not only knew the subject in depth but was an extremely personable and engaging trainer.
Dominic Rust
Dominic Rust, HR Business Partner, Capgemini (Sogeti) Ireland
We asked Margaret to run a workshop to improve the writing skills of team members working across IPSE. Everyone who attended communicated with members and clients but in different styles and for different purposes.


Margaret quickly got our group producing representative members profiles, imagining their lifestyles and how we could frame our language and communication to appeal to these members. Through the use of the profiles, we were able to work together to explore how we currently engage with members and how we could communicate more clearly, concisely and compellingly.


The workshop was not only an interesting and fun experience, it has also had a lasting and positive impact on our member communications. We were so pleased with the results that we have asked Margaret to continue working with IPSE on a one-to-one coaching basis with key members of staff.
Corinne Stuart
Corinne Stuart, Head of Sales, IPSE
Margaret ran an op-ed writing training course for us at GPJ. The one-day course was inspirational.


We had people on the course with different levels of experience, but there was something for everyone to learn, take away and put into practice. It was a perfect balance of practical and theoretical approaches.


The result was a more confident and skilled team.
Jonathan McCallum
Jonathan McCallum, Chief Strategy Officer, George P. Johnson Experience Marketing

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