Creativity for Copywriters

Develop a creative toolkit for producing powerful ideas

For: Copywriters and other creative professionals who have to produce ideas on demand

Level: Beginner to intermediate

Time:  ½ day (face-to-face or virtual courses)

Creative jobs have a reputation of being glamorous and fun. But the truth is they’re often difficult and demanding.

Copywriters and other creatives need ways to generate ideas and meet their deadlines without draining themselves dry.

On Creativity for Copywriters, your team will explore what it takes to be a creative professional.

They’ll learn about techniques and tools they can use to generate powerful ideas. They’ll learn approaches for tackling tough challenges so they can get the job done on time in a sustainable way.

This course will be tailored to your organisation. We’ll use exercises based on your real work so that the course is relevant and practical for your team.

Your team will be able to:

  • Supercharge their personal creativity with new approaches
  • Generate exciting new ideas that will benefit you and your clients
  • Take appropriate creative risks without ‘betting the farm’

Content for Creativity for Copywriters

Your course will be designed to meet your team’s specific needs. It will draw upon creativity techniques such as:

  • Developing a creative ritual for focus
  • Using random stimuli to prompt new approaches
  • Combining the familiar with the novel to produce something new
  • Briefing their subconscious to keep working on a problem while they do something else
  • Defining their favoured creative approach, then mixing things up
  • Designing experiments so they can take safe risks
  • Looking for opportunities in disguise
  • Becoming a consumer and connoisseur of other people’s creative works
  • Generating a third alternative to avoid ‘either-or’ thinking
  • Developing the skill of being lucky
  • Carving out time to be creative
  • Refreshing their creative powers with rest and relaxation

Learning options for Creativity for Copywriters

  • Training only
  • Combine with reviews of your people’s creative work
  • Combine with coaching for individual team members
  • Combine with a consulting project to develop common standards, processes and tools for your organisation’s creative work

Your training programme will include implementation resources and support to help your team make fast progress with their writing skills.

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“Margaret’s course helped me think about how I manage my time and re-focus on priorities.”

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My training is based on my 20 years’ experience as a business writer and communications professional.

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If you’d like to have a chat about Creativity for Copywriters for your team, please send me a message.